Monday, May 2, 2016

Webinar: Why Retirees Go Broke

I'll be hosting a free webinar at noon EDT tomorrow, May 4, sponsored by the Retirement Income Industry Association. I'll also be discussing some research that will be published in the fall entitled, "Competing Risks: Death and Ruin."

Hope to see you there!


  1. I wanted to register for your webinar but since I am a retired follower of your blog, I was reluctant to give the organizer my phone number. I was concerned that I would later be deluged with phone calls trying to sell me all sorts of things that did not interest me. Hopefully you will rebroadcast all or part of it later in your blog.

    1. I know the people at RIAA and trust them completely. This is an industry organization. The only products they sell are related to training for financial planners. They will hold your information private.

      They will add your name to their emailing list (to which you can unsubscribe).

      They won't call you, but if you don't trust their word, enter a bogus phone number. (I registered with 555-555-5555.) You could do the same with the email address for that matter.