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  1. Dirk,

    Annuities appear to be a valuable option in retirement security. But how secure are insurance companies that back these annuities. The ratings agencies say they are safe. Is that worth anything really based on who pays these ratings agencies to begin with. The States that back (basically re-insure) the insurance companies can't even handle their own pension obligations. So do I really trust handing over a lump sum to a company that is going pay me back every month because of a "guarantee" (that is just a promise if it were between 2 people).

  2. Frankly, I'm no more concerned about annuities than any other retirement resource except perhaps munis and Treasuries and it's hard to fund retirement with just those.

    I think Joe Tomlinson explains the risk of annuities well here.

    I wouldn't invest everything in annuities and I'd spread around what I purchase among multiple top-rated carriers, but insurance companies have done pretty well even in some pretty bad times.