Wednesday, September 25, 2013

MarketWatch Says I'm Thoughtful

MarketWatch says I'm thoughtful.

And I quote, "Dirk Cotton, a financial planner based in North Carolina, runs a thoughtful blog called The Retirement Cafe. Recently, he has been writing on the idea of sequence of returns risk."

This is so cool. I'm printing off a copy of the post to show my wife next time the subject of thoughtfulness is broached.

But seriously, I am humbled and appreciate Wade Pfau's picking up my post. If I can convince you to follow Wade's blog, my work here will have been worthwhile.

If you're interested in Sequence of Returns risk, I hope you'll read my series on the topic beginning with Sequence of Returns Risk Part One. I still have a few more posts to go on the subject before I finish.

Part of my goal for this blog is to explain the financial issues of retirement in a way that anyone can understand. To make it more "accessible", as they say. I haven't done a great job of that with SOR risk so far because it's a pretty technical issue, but I hope to fix that.

I have to read papers that Wade and others write several times before I understand them, and then cogitate, as my grandfather liked to say. I know most people have neither the time nor the interest to do that.

I plan to tie it all together in a more accessible way in the final post on the topic over the next week or so that I will call "What's That Mean?" Please stick with me.

Also, I have added a Follow Me by Email widget to the site if you would like to be notified of new posts. You're email address won't be used for anything else. I also added a small ad widget at the top left. If you see something interesting, give it a click.

I'm not trying to make money with this blog, I'm trying to think through my own retirement finances and figure out what to tell my kids about theirs. I share my thoughts to help my fellow Baby Boomers.

That and a great cup of coffee at Caffe Driade is a fun way to while away a few afternoon hours.

Thanks for reading.

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