Tuesday, October 27, 2020

A New Approach for the Retirement Cafe Blog

I apologize for the lengthy surprise interruption of posts at The Retirement Cafe. The disruption was the result of personal issues that are now largely resolved, so I can resume blogging. I will, however, be changing the focus of the posts somewhat.

Previously, Retirement Cafe posts focused almost exclusively on retirement planning issues. Now that I have reached a later phase of retirement that began in 2005, I am experiencing a lot of practical issues related to my retirement strategy that I didn't quite foresee.

For example, I should have created backup options for my Two-Step Authentication-protected accounts to prepare for a lost or new phone. This is fairly easy to do in advance but a little harder in an emergency. I'll explain this in a separate post shortly.

A little planning and groundwork can simplify these activities and are best done before an emergency to save time and effort. I will be addressing these processes in future posts. I hope you will be a little better prepared for the "real world" than I was.